What does arthritis feel like


Many people young and old go on through life asking this one question what does arthritis feel like. Many times in our life we experience pain on specific parts and joints of our bodies and wonder if it is arthritis. It may not be the case however persistent joint pains coupled with stiffness may the onset of arthritis and should be checked early enough. These are only the warning signs but specific classes of arthritis are present which all affect the body joints and a timely diagnosis is important not because there is a cure, but management is necessary to ease the pain.

Common symptoms to describe what does arthritis feel like are as follows:

  • Stiffness:

When you feel stiff in the joints and cannot move or bend them then maybe arthritis has set in. this is caused by joints rub together hence the pain.

  • Joint pain:

This is usually expressed by sharp pain feeling like something is in the joints that makes them too painful whenever you attempt to move or bend them.

  • Knee pain:

The most common type of pain in arthritis patients, it throbs and pulsates at the same time quite sharply just as if a needle has been inserted deep to the bone.

  • Hand pain:

This is exhibited by pain and stiffness accompanied with inability to fully close the hand. This limits the clenching ability necessary for everyday activities.

  • Hip pain:

Is you really want to know what arthritis feels like then ask those with arthritis at the hip joint. It feels like one leg is shorter and the pain is at times unbearable given the stinging pain.

  • Osteoarthritis Pain:

This type of arthritis occurs due to the wearing out of cartilage. This causes pain deep in the joint and feels better when you rest. It may not be noticeable in the morning but worsens as the day progresses and is known to radiate the buttocks, thigh and groin. Joint pain that affects your posture and gait and may cause limping

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain:

This type will be identified by symptoms including stiffness in the morning lasting about one hour, muscular ache all over the body and joint pains occurring on both sides of the body like both ankles. Glands may swell and loss of weight and appetite may occur, this type of arthritis is identified by three pains that get worse after sitting for long and are known to alternate from worse to better rather than consistent pain.

In order to fully answer the question what does arthritis feel like, one need to understand the different types of the condition and the specific groups of pain elicited. The general feel of pain will be throbbing, aching, sharp or shooting, hot or burning, grinding or grating or dull.


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